Caregiver with elderly man


Janice started working in March 2015 and was immediately assigned to a very medically and behaviorally challenging client. She has done very well with him and enjoys being able to provide him with a good quality of life.


Tamekio has worked in our temporary staffing department since April 2016. The client loves her and requests that only she fill their empty shifts. She has proven herself to be an extremely reliable and committed worker.


Pegasus was lucky enough to “inherit” Diana from another care agency in December 2016. Their loss is definitely our gain – Diana’s great attention to detail and commitment to her clients has been outstanding. Diana is a CNA 2.


Candy has been a great asset to the Pegasus team since starting in January 2017. She has worked with multiple clients, and her skills and flexibility to move about are greatly appreciated. She recently completed CNA school and looks forward to getting her certification.


JR came to Pegasus in July 2017 by way of a friend and has remained long past her time with us. JR works in our temporary staffing and has picked up solid, consistent shifts due to his great work ethic and dependability.


Male caregivers are hard to find, but we got one of the best out there. Aaron learned of our agency when under employment elsewhere and came to us in October 2017. We’re glad he did – he does a great job with the male clients and they enjoy his presence.


Bobby is one of our older, more experienced caregivers. She can work circles around the younger ones, taking on overtime, dealing with cranky clients, working night shifts. She has been a great asset to the Pegasus team since November 2017.


Lynette began with Pegasus in February 2018. She does a marvelous job of balancing work, family and school.  She is an excellent caregiver and has worked with the same two clients since joining the Pegasus team.


Janet started in May 2018 and has been with the two clients the whole time. Janet is one of Pegasus’ un-sung heroes by making a real difference in her client’s quality of life. She recently completed CNA training and is anxious to take her test.


Thu has worn both hats since starting in May of 2018, working in IHC and in the temporary staffing.  She has also balanced work with going to school. Thu is appreciated wherever she goes.


Sonny started in June 2018 and has balanced working part time with going to school. He is appreciated for his willingness to work in several different temporary staffing assignments.


Jen began working with Pegasus in June 2018 after she met several of the Pegasus team while working for another temporary staffing agency. Jen is an excellent caregiver and is appreciated for her attention to detail and great communication.


Iris was hired in March of 2019.  She has worked both in-home care clients and in our temporary staffing department at mental health group homes.  She always receives positive feedback, wherever she goes.


Quyen has worked noc shifts since starting with Pegasus in March 2019.  She has proven herself to be very reliable and flexible, and does a great job wherever she goes.


Leanna was referred to Pegasus by her sister, a former Pegasus caregiver.  She has worked for Pegasus since April 2019 and has always done well with our challenging clients as her calm demeanor is a comfort the clients.


Darlene also started in April 2019, and like Leanna, does very well with challenging clients.  She is a great caregiver who is always willing to take extra shifts and go wherever she is needed.


Veronica returned to Pegasus for the third time in December 2019 and we’re  happy to have her back.  Veronica loves working as a caregiver and it shows! Her clients love her and she always goes the extra mile to make them happy.


Jackie is willing to help out whenever needed in between her very busy schedule as a fitness instructor. She is extremely valued for her years of experience. She also serves as our agency CPR trainer and has been with Pegasus since July 2020.


Stephanie jumped right into facility staffing work in September 2021 and has done a great job. She is very much appreciated at all the houses she has worked with.


Aldo came back to Pegasus in September 2021 after a few year’s absence and we wonder how we ever did without him. He is always ready to help out whenever and wherever needed.


Edel works with one of our more challenging clients and does an amazing job. Her positive, can-do attitude is greatly appreciated by all that work with her, we’re glad she joined our team in October 2021.


Lisa was hired as a care associate in October 2021 to work in our Support Services department, but quickly picked up shifts in In-home care as well. We appreciate her great spirt and flexibility to help out.


Jaeda also started in October 2021 and has quickly become a guardian “favorite” caregiver as she provides excellent care for her clients. We appreciate her willingness to always be helpful in any way she can.

We want you!

Pegasus is always looking for quality, professional caregivers and we hire new caregivers frequently. We’d love to have you join Pegasus as well – go to the Careers page and see how you can become part of our team too!