Caregiver and patient working on jigsaw puzzle

Care Options

Pegasus In-Home Care has provided in-home care since 2014. We adhere strictly to the Oregon Administrative Rules as directed by the licensing agency Oregon Health Authority to ensure quality and safe care for our clients.

Comprehensive Care Plans

  • An experienced supervisor will complete a free in-home care assessment.
  • Input from clients and responsible parties (guardians or family members) is requested.
  • A care plan is developed that addresses the personalized needs of the client for activities of daily living and instrumental activities.
  • Caregivers are provided tasks each shift that correspond to the care plan, ensuring the client’s needs are met daily.

Daily Thorough Care Logs

  • Each client has an electronic profile on a HIPPA-compliant, encrypted software program.
  • Caregivers document their daily tasks in real time.
  • Family portal available to read care logs and see who is on shift.

Assistance with Personal Care

  • Caregivers provide all levels of assistance with personal care activities, from stand-by assistance (available within arm’s reach) to actual hands-on care with everything from showering to toileting to dressing and more.

Housekeeping and Meal Preparation

  • Caregivers can do light housekeeping tasks: vacuuming, dusting, mopping, laundry, making beds.
  • Caregivers can cook meals from specialized diets (diabetic, soft, low salt) to familiar comfort dishes.

Help with Shopping and Errands

  • Caregivers will shop for or with the client for groceries, clothing or other household items.
  • Caregivers can run errands for clients: pick up dry cleaning, take the dog to the vet, and more.

Medication Administration

Caregiver and client

  • Pegasus Social Services holds a comprehensive license, which means caregivers can do everything from just a simple medication reminder to administering and documenting that medications were taken as ordered.

Skilled Nursing Visits

  • With two registered nurses on staff, clients have access to a nurse who completes an initial assessment for care, does 90-day visits to ensure quality of care, and oversees the caregivers. An RN can delegate tasks such as CBG testing, blood pressure checks, and more. The RN will also make home visits to assess minor wounds or injuries.

Supervisory Involvement

  • Our supervisors are very involved with the day-to-day activities of the client and caregiver, reading care logs daily, providing supervision and training, and visiting the homes in person on a frequent basis.
  • Supervisors are available to caregivers and clients 24 hours a day.