In the Portland metro area, consumers can find many services geared towards seniors and vulnerable adults.  The companies listed below are just a fraction of what is available and represent ones that have had clients in common with Pegasus Social Services. Please be advised that Pegasus recommends consumers always review the services each company provides to ensure that they are a good fit for you.

Placement Referral Agencies

Placement referral agencies are set up to assist the senior and their families in finding appropriate senior communities – from independent living all the way to memory care.  Here are two agencies Pegasus has worked with successfully.

Care Solutions NW


Golden Placement Services


NW Senior Resources


Elder Law Attorneys

Elder law attorneys assist with drawing up legal documents such as wills and power of attorneys; they assist with estate planning, probate, and guardianships and more.  While there are multiple attorneys in the Portland Metro area, here are some that have partnered with Pegasus.

Oregon Elder Law

Nay & Friedenberg


The Elder Law Firm

Edgel Law Group


Hilary Carter Law

Hilary Carter Law

Eric McKearney

Draneas Law

Financial Fiduciaries

Financial fiduciaries serve as durable power of attorneys, trustees, and conservators.  If a senior or vulnerable adult needs assistance with managing the financial needs, these companies can help.

Potter Fiduciary

Van Loo Fiduciary


Intrustment Northwest

Home New

Pegasus Fiduciary – no connection to Pegasus Social Services


Professional Guardians

Professional guardians step in when there is no family available or able to manage the health and placement needs of a senior or vulnerable adult.  Guardians are appointed and monitored by the Oregon Court system.

Yela Fiduciary

Tiffany and O’Shea

Nancy Doty, Inc

Wyse Fiduciary Services