Niki Tucker, LMSW, CMC

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Managing Director

Niki Tucker holds the position of the Managing Director at Pegasus Care Management. She has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work and has worked in the field of Social Work since 1990, focusing on care management since 2003. Niki is licensed through the Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers (#M6219). She is a certified care manager through the National Academy of Certified Care Managers as well as a member of the Aging Life Care Association. Niki has completed the Washington State Professional Guardianship Training program and the Oregon Guardianship training program and was a professional guardian from 2011 until 2015.


In her spare time Niki likes to…who are we kidding. She has no spare time.


Erin Brown, CSWA, CMC

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Care Manager Supervisor

Erin Brown attended the University of Montana. She earned her bachelors degree in communications and rhetorical theory and later earned her masters degree in social work.
Erin has 2 siblings with developmental disabilities. She started her career in social work managing group homes, working as a case manager and personal agent. Erin saw a need for inclusion based supports and created an agency that specialized in helping adults with dev disabilities be successful in living independently in WA CO.


Due to changes in Medicaid funding the agency closed but Erin found a new opportunity in the hospital setting. In 2013 Erin worked on the care management team with St Vincent’s Hospital and currently works on-call as a crisis intervention specialist in the emergency dept.
Erin worked part-time as a CM with Pegasus 3/2020 until a new opportunity arose as a supervisor. Erin moved into the supervisor role 1/23 and is excited to learn and grow within Pegasus.


Erin has been married for 15yrs and has a 10yr old daughter. They have 2 cats and a dog that are all rescues.



Keborah Andren, MSW

Care Manager

Keborah Andren

Keborah graduated with her Master’s degree, Summa Cum Laude, from Portland State University, School of Social work; where she specialized in Health across the Lifespan and Medical Social Work, with emphasis in gerontology. Before her career in care management, Keborah practiced as a certified nursing assistant for over ten years; and as an elder care advocate, has an unique and empathetic appreciation for relationship building as the foundation to collaborative engagement towards enhancing individuals’ quality of life. Keborah’s values are directly related to advocating for client’s needs and increasing spaces for trauma informed, compassionate care.


Keborah is dedicated to preserving human rights, dignity, and quality of life; and believes that working in service with people is an exciting chance to witness, honor, and share in the dynamic gift and vitality of the human spirit. Keborah considers herself a lifelong learner with over fifteen years of experience in aging and disability services, supporting individuals and families. She believes in planting seeds and helping them grow; sometimes the greatest and most significant facilitation of support we can offer is sharing the gentle understanding of common ground.


In her spare time, Keborah enjoys the great outdoors, hiking, gardening, and photography.




Traci BehrmanTraci Behrman, MSW, CMC

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Care Manager

Traci Behrman has dedicated her professional life to social justice, advocacy, and serving as a support system for the geriatric population in the Pacific Northwest. Traci received her Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California where she graduated Cum Laude with an emphasis in clinical social work and mental health services. Before transitioning to social work, Traci spent over a decade working as a consulting registered dietitian with skilled nursing facilities, residential treatment centers, and assisted living facilities.


Before taking on her current role as a Care Manager, Traci served as a Care Associate and registered dietitian with Pegasus Social Services. Her passion for the work is manifested in her lifelong pursuit of knowledge and the honing of her social work skills through continuing education programming and always being open to new challenges.


In her free time, Traci enjoys live music, collecting vinyl records, and building sand castles with her family



Rene Hendricks, MSW, CMC

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Care Manager

Rene Hendricks graduated with her Bachelor in Social Work from Colorado State University, moving on to receiving her Masters in Social Work from San Diego State University.  Missing the green of Colorado, they left San Diego for Oregon’s beautiful natural outdoors and discovered at least ten more shades of green that are unique to the Pacific Northwest. Prior to starting her career in Care Management, Rene worked as a social worker with children and families for over a decade.


In her off time, Rene can be found reading, hiking near waterfalls or at least outdoors, and with her family.


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Dayna Ross, LMSW

Care Manager

Dayna Ross graduated with her Master’s in Social Work from Boise State University. Prior to coming to Pegasus, she spent over 20 years supporting individuals in improving their overall health goals working in inpatient hospital settings. Dayna’s current goals are client advocacy with efforts to maximize individuals’ well-being in their own environment. Dayna is licensed through the Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers (#M12554).


Dayna grew up in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys walking, cooking, and reading.