Traci Behrman has dedicated her professional life to social justice, advocacy, and serving as a support system for the geriatric population in the Pacific Northwest. Traci received her Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California where she graduated Cum Laude with an emphasis in clinical social work and mental health services. Before transitioning to social work, Traci spent over a decade working as a consulting registered dietitian with skilled nursing facilities, residential treatment centers, and assisted living facilities. Before taking on her current role as a Care Manager, Traci served as a Care Associate and registered dietitian with Pegasus Social Services. Her passion for the work is manifested in her lifelong pursuit of knowledge and the honing of her social work skills through continuing education programming and always being open to new challenges. In her free time, Traci enjoys live music, collecting vinyl records, and building sand castles with her family.





Alyssa Campbell graduated with her Masters of Social Work in 2013 from Portland State University. In June 2017 she passed the Oregon exam to become a licensed social worker. Prior to joining Pegasus Social Services Alyssa served as the Operations Director for an Oregon Medicaid and Medicaid Innovation project serving over 1400 low-income seniors and people with disabilities. Alyssa has also served as a consultant for a national housing advocacy organization, a Director of Social Services for a Skilled Nursing Facility and an Autism Support Coordinator serving adults with severe autism. Alyssa is particularly interested in the intersection of health and housing and coordination of care. In her spare time Alyssa enjoys running and mowing her lawn entirely too often.



Rene Hendricks graduated with her Bachelor in Social Work from Colorado State University, moving on to receiving her Masters in Social Work from San Diego State University.  Missing the green of Colorado, they left San Diego for Oregon's beautiful natural outdoors and discovered at least ten more shades of green that are unique to the Pacific Northwest. Prior to starting her career in Care Management, Rene worked as a social worker with children and families for over a decade.  In her off time, Rene can be found reading, hiking near waterfalls or at least outdoors, and with her family. 



Amerika graduated with a Master's in Social Work from Portland State University. She currently holds her license for Certified Social Work Associate and is pursuing her Licence of Clinical Social Work. Her passion for working with individuals and families has brought her through a wide range of experiences through the Department of Child Welfare, school counseling in the Gladstone School District, and medical social work through Shriner's Hospital. Prior to achieving her Master's degree, she traveled the world to provide services and basic needs to diverse communities, including crisis response after Hurricane Katrina, the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, and disaster relief in the Philipines. She loves traveling and has been to every state in the US except for Alaska and Maine. Next on her list is Europe, but she's not picky. She enjoys spending time with her family and going on hikes. The beach and waterfalls are her favorites. She also plays on an APA pool team which got first place in her district in the summer 2018 session.