We are so thankful that in all these years we worked with you we found in you all that it takes to be a best Social Worker. You were always very responsible, objective, sensitive with others in dealing with your and our client’s needs, able to work with all kinds of people, professional, committed, resilient, an excellent facilitator, a great communicator. Mrs. Niki Tucker, you are a lady to be appreciated.
Mary and Josef C., Adult Foster Care Home Owners
Niki's talent was evident on my first meeting with her. Her professionalism was evident throughout our 5 month working relationship. I lived out of state and Niki kept me informed regarding my mother’s well being and condition in a very timely manner. I relied on her daily and she never disappointed!
Richard A., Son/POA
I love working at Pegasus which is why I have been with the company so long. They have been so great not only to me but all their employees. The pay is great and they worked well with my school schedule.
Caregiver 2018
Niki has been consistently reliable and conscientious in her work. She has worked with many challenging cases over the years and has always achieved positive outcomes for our clients. She is kind and caring…a serious professional…and would be a reliable asset.
Debra M., owner of a care management firm
Niki has been my eyes and ears at The Pearl. She visits my aunt, shops, meets with staff, and keeps me informed. She is a great problem solver and handles everything in a timely manner. I feel very fortunate to have Niki on our team.
Ann P., Niece/POA
You have truly been a godsend, coming into our lives soon after our father passed and bringing your professionalism, compassion, and insight to assist us in taking care of our mom wherever needed. Ruth and I were greatly comforted in knowing you were just a phone call or email away, and even when we weren't always asking you, we knew you were keeping an eye on things on our mother’s behalf. You were of tremendous help and comfort for our family.
Michael H., Son/POA
I found Niki and Cy of Paladin to be the best team of care coordinators… (they) did a hard job conscientiously and well; they kept good records, they maintained good communication among family members, staff and medical personnel and were very good about responding to concerns quickly.
Erzsebet E., daughter
I enjoyed my time at Pegasus and would recommend this job to anyone who needs a job. The environment is relaxed and enjoyable. I worked with clients of all backgrounds.
Caregiver 2018
Flexible hours and above average pay for CNA. Mental health was strictly a "no touch" position and better than the intensity of SNF. Good for students or retirees.
Caregiver 2019
Great company to work for with a stellar focus on client care.
Caregiver 2019
Pegasus Social Services has consistently provided exceptional care for my brother for over 10 years. My brother's complicated medical needs and autistic personality requires extensive management. Pegasus has successfully managed his care which has allowed my brother to stay in his home. The caregivers, care managers and all the staff are organized, efficient, highly trained and truly care about the well-being of their clients. I am my brother’s guardian and live out of state, but I trust my brother’s care to the quality staff at Pegasus. Their communication and documentation protocols are excellent. I am able to read my brother’s daily care logs and I know I can reach a care provider any time I have a question or concern. I have always felt they listened to my concerns and have come up with effective solutions. They have never failed to notify me in the event of an emergency and have kept me updated all the way through the emergency. Care managers attend all medical appointments and I receive accurate updates. Caregivers drive and accompany my brother on daily outings or social events and keep him safe. The Pegasus staff is like family to my brother and I. He would not have the quality of life which he currently enjoys without Pegasus. I would highly and confidently recommend Pegasus Social Services.
Guardian/Sister 9.11.20
I am a geriatric care manager and have used Pegasus Social Services to care for my clients for many years. Their managers and caregivers are exemplary and dependable. I have clients with complex care and psychological needs who require caregivers who listen well and have the skills to flex to each person's unique needs. Their caregivers learn about each client's history and interests so they can socially engage with them. Pegasus managers are immediately accessible and responsive, quickly finding solutions to keep clients safe, healthy, and as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend Pegasus Social Services.
Care Manager, 3.11.20
I used to work for Pegasus and the management was really nice and really cared about the staff and the clients we were taking care of. Unfortunately I had to quit because of personal reasons but still the management reached out to make sure am okay. I would definitely recommend Pegasus to anyone that is looking for a company to take care of their loved ones.
Caregiver 2018
Very caring staff.
Caregiver 2019
Niki Tucker is a great solution for our families that need a little extra help, or for the families that don’t live in the area. She is an unbiased third party that can let her families know how mom or dad is really doing in their Assisted Living or Residential Care Home. I highly recommend her!
Stacy K., Eldercare Advisor
When I worked at a local memory care facility two years ago, I called upon Pegasus transport services for one of our elders to transport to a doctor's appointment. The Pegasus team showed up promptly, in upbeat spirits and came back with excellent feedback for us regarding the elder. The staff is alert, aware and bright and delivers excellent, reliable and kind service. Two years later, working as a private community-based RN consultant, I called today to request service for my client and was met with the same cheerful, efficient and prompt response. I HIGHLY recommend this service to families, care providers, and elders. Blessings on you, Pegasus!
Registered Nurse, 2016
I just want to thank you for all you've been able to do for dad as of late. Having that wheelchair van available to transport him has been a HUGE thing. OMG! And letting Rene make all the arrangements for all of his appointments has been a big help to me. She and Lacra at Tabor Crest seem to work well together in getting everything accomplished. I looked on the map today and he is much closer to your facility now, as well as Prov Portland. His dentist is right up the street too. Thanks for all your help. Barb
Barb, daughter/guardian