About Us

Caregiver and elderly woman smiling and holding hands

Oregon Home Care Services was founded in 2007 by Cy Osborne. Under the business name of Pegasus Social Services, the company provided services such as medical escorting, recreational outings, senior moves, and extreme cleaning. Pegasus soon became a trusted name by guardians, families, and local government to provide excellent quality and reliable services.

In 2014 Pegasus added in-home care to their range of services and let go of the moving and cleaning to focus on direct care. As with other services provided, families and guardians know they can trust Pegasus to provide excellent care to their loved ones and clients.

Our mission statement says it best:

Pegasus Social Services is committed to serving their clients with integrity, preserving the dignity and self-worth of each individual while assisting in maintaining a safe and nurturing environment. Our goals are empowering social independence and seeking the highest quality of life attainable for each person we serve.

In addition to our emphasis on providing quality service to our clients, we are also committed to providing an equal opportunity for employment and growth along a fulfilling career path. Many of our management staff positions are filled by caregivers who were promoted due to their strong work ethic and commitment to the company.