Company History:


Oregon Home Care Services was founded in 2007, by Cy Osborne.  Cy worked tirelessly to build a company that could serve a wide variety of needs for his community and throughout the Portland, Oregon area.  Under the umbrella of the Oregon Home Care Services, Cy launched Pegasus Social Services.  Over the past decade, Pegasus has grown to become one of Portland's most trusted name in the following business centers:


In-Home Care


Pegasus Social Services provides top quality In-Home Care services because we know how important the health, happiness and well being of your loved ones are to you and also how important their homes are to them. 


We take great pride in our ability to deliver highly skilled and compassionate care givers who are not only able to manage medications, assist with daily living tasks, prepare meals, do housekeeping but also do all the above with care and attention to detail that they would for their own loved ones.  


Care Management 

We specialize in care management support for professionals.  We can help supplement any care plan through a variety of services tailored to fit the specific needs of your client or family member.


Pegasus has always been committed to providing quality social services in the local community and in order to do so have added additional assets and personnel to assist us in that growth. We have several key full time employees that assist us in serving the needs of our clients. This group consists of:


  • Cy Osborne BS, Owner and Director 

  • Niki Tucker, LMSW, CMC, Director of Client Care and Administrator of In-Home Care.

  • Carolyn Waldrup, Accounting Manager

  • Deb Hubbell, In Home Care Manager

  • Shannon Vazquez, Human Resources


Our emphasis is to continue to provide unmatched service to our clients as well as an equal opportunity for employment and growth along a fulfilling career path.